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About Geodesign Ireland

At Geodesign Ireland, we believe that the way to build better, smarter and more sustainable communities, towns and villages, is through real engagement with all the relevant stakeholders from the design stage to the delivery stage of projects that will enhance where we live. Where we live is important to us and it is important that we can be proactively involved in decisions about the future. Geodesign Ireland helps local communities to generate and test alternative possibilities for the future of a place by using processes and tools that put local stakeholders at the centre of the design process.

What We do


Planning can be a timely and often, expensive process. Geodesign enables all the important stakeholders on a project to work together in real-time to not just create alternative scenarios but also test them. 


Projects often fail because key stakeholders are excluded at the early stages. Geodesign works by involving all stakeholders in the design of a project from the very beginning to implementation. 

Project Management

Very often, communities are presented with a plan for which they don’t have the resources to execute. Geodesign can help to manage a project from conception to execution.

How it works

1. Evaluation
  • Project Planning
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Partner Recommendation
2. Data Collection

Data Collection and organisation of Workshop

Data Preparation

Workshop Support

Technology Integration


3. Create Project
4. Conduct Geodesign Workshop

Conduct 1 or 2-day Geodesign Workshop

Event Management

Pre and Post Workshop Consultations

5. Manage Project

Implementation and Management of Project

Project Management

Ongoing Support


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If you would like to find out more about how Geodesign Ireland may help you with your project, or if you would like to host a demonstration for your community, please let us know

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